Competition entry is free to all Bayside Sailboard Club members.

To join the GPS competition you need to be:

  • A registered member of website (free to join)


GPS speed challenges:

  • 5 x 10 seconds
  • 500m
  • Alpha 500
  • 1 hour

Points are accumulated to determine the overall season winners.

Results for a given GPS event are based on how well a competitor does for the specified GPS category compared to the other competitors on that day.

NOTE: Overall season’s winners will be determined by points accumulation, less discards, in line with Windsurfing Australia guidelines. Points allocated as – FASTEST= 1 point, SECOND= 2 points, etc. A ‘non- sail’ is worth 1 point more than number of sailors completing a challenge.)

Venue and time

Venue for all events is Moreton Bay, but a ‘suggested’ area will be recommended for purely social reasons.

The date and the specific speed challenge for that day will be advertised on (Forums – Windsurfing – Queensland) by the GPS committee on the day previous to a challenge.

This ‘day before notification’ will be based upon the weather forecast, thus giving the best opportunity for suitable wind conditions.

Events will be conducted on Saturdays or Sundays only, maximum of one day per weekend and NOT on a ‘slalom race day’.


Any unit which can record data to show best:- 5×10 sec, 500 m, and 1hr and is able to submit the file via KA72 site. (E.g. GT31, Canmore GP102, GW52, GW60, Motion logger and some Garmin watches.)

Downloaded GPS Tracks are to be marked “public” on The Bayside GPS Group on site will display results.

Files MUST be submitted through KA72 website


  • Light: Bottom third of competitors by weight 
  • Medium: Middle third of competitors by weight 
  • Heavy: Top third of competitors by weight

NOTE: ‘Extra’ carried weight is counted as body weight. Wetsuit, harness, etc do NOT count. Sailors will be requested to self-nominate their weight to the GPS committee once challenges begin. Nominated weight will stand for the whole season.


Do not put yours or others’ safety at risk.

  • Impact/buoyancy vest is mandatory
  • Helmet is highly recommended
  • Never sail alone