Slalom Racing

At Bayside we encourage sailors of all levels to come experience the thrill of slalom racing. From gybing with ten others breathing down your neck to trying to better your mates and creating close rivalries. We provide fun, inclusive racing in a warm, friendly atmosphere. Come to learn, progress and push your limits!

The Course

The race committee will explain the course, timings, start sequence etc at the race briefing. The freeride / rookie division is one lap instead of two so that newcomers can get to grips with slalom racing without having to mess with the open division.

Below are the breakdowns of the slalom race / course for both North and South wind directions.


You do not have to have high end racing equipment in order to race slalom. However in order to maximise your on water racing time and especially your enjoyment we recommend some basic guidelines –

  • A race, freerace or freeride board that will get you planing in a minimum of 15 knots
  • Sails that you can hang on to from 15 – 30 knots +. Note full cammed race sails are not essential. No cam freeride sails work great
  • a mast base with the tendon in good physical condition to avoid unwanted breakages
  • Life jackets / PFD’s are mandatory
  • Helmets are strongly recommended for slalom and MANDATORY for foil slalom
  • carry spares in mast bases, harness lines, footstraps and fins to make sure you never miss a race
  • for foil slalom any foil setup will work fine to get into this new and exciting side of slalom racing


  • 12 knots or below – Foil Slalom Racing (no fins)
  • above 12 knots – Fin Slalom Racing (no foils)