GPS Comp

Bayside Sailboard GPS Competition

A fun way of having a race without having a race


Bayside Sailboard Club GPS Competition guidelines 2018-2019

Requirements for entry to Competition

Competition entry is free to all Financial Bayside Sailboard Club members. There is no requirement for sail identification numbers. To join the GPS competition you need to be a registered member of KA72 website (which is free to join), and a member of the Bayside Sailboard Club GPS group in KA72.

Competition Locations

Wynnum, Manly and Wellington Point.


Nominated Location


This may occur on a scheduled slalom racing weekend when the slalom race has been cancelled.

When the location is nominated with a time this is to increase the consistency of sailing conditions for all sailors as well as the increase the social aspects of the club. The area will be defined by a map showing the area sailors must sail within.

The KA group will filter the nominated location and results outside this area will be excluded.

If you sail outside the nominated time frame then you need to create a new file in your GPS. When uploading multiple files, the competition file must be the last file uploaded into KA72 for it to be included in the Bayside Sailboard Club GPS group results.

Categories for GPS

5 x10sec, Alpha 500m, Hour and 500m speed.

A category will be picked for scoring when advising of competition date.


Results for a given GPS event are based on how well a competitor does for the specified GPS category compared to the other competitors.

For the overall tally for the year, maximum points will be awarded if you do not compete in a competition.



The day for the competition will generally not be on the same day as any other events in the Bayside Sailboard Club Race schedule unless they are cancelled.

A notice will be sent out, from the Bayside Club Team App, for the competition day based on the forecast. The events will be on Sunday whenever possible and is not tide dependant.

There will be a minimum of 4 separate competition days required to calculate end of year results. To allow for days when sailors cannot sail there will be a minimum of 6 competition days scheduled between September and April. Sailors who sail more than 4 days will drop their worst results to obtain 4 results. These results will be used for the end of year competition awards. Group Leader has bragging rights only for each competition day.

At least one day a month will be planned however more may be required if there no suitable wind during any given month to ensure the minimum required days are achieved. Previous competition results will stay up on the Bayside Sailboard Club GPS group until new competition results are obtained. Current standings of the competition will be updated on Team App.


Downloaded GPS Tracks will need to be made public on KA72.

Results from one GPS only can be used.



Acceptable GPS devices will be GT31, Canmore GP102, GW52, GW60 and Garmin watch . (The cheapest device is the Canmore around $80).



As this is not a race there is no rescue boat. For general safety sailors should always sail with others. Those competing must wear a floatation device and carry spare rope.


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