Club AGM 2020

MEETING MINUTES 1800 – 1 July 2020 

Donbeth Street, Wynnum west 

Attendees: Simon Fyfe, Ian Cochran, Mitch Pearson, Shari O’Brien, Kat Pearson, Sammie Costin, Kevin Costin, Nathanial Dutton, Jacob Whitford, Paul Bryant, Richard Jack, Chris Hobson 

Apologies: Scott Farley, Scott Sharpe 


  • No events held 
  • 19 members. Member fee to be waived for these members for 20-21. Only insurance to be paid. 
  • $5364 in account 


  • Current committee stands down. 
  • New committee chosen
    • President – Mitch Pearson 
    • Secretary – Paul Bryant 
    • Treasurer – Jacob Whitford 
    • Race Directors – Chris Hobson, Shari O’Brien, Rob Biggs 

General Business: 

  • The following actions were assigned as per these defined roles for completion before the season starts: 
    • Update website joining form for new season 
    • Update Bayside website 
    • Start membership renewal process 
    • Prepare and lodge annual accounts for club registration  
  • Acquiring a boat for race days is highest priority 
    • Enquire with RQYS and QAS about renting a boat 
    • Seek out interested parties to volunteer in the boat on race days 
  • The goal for the season is inclusivity 
  • Provide impetus for newcomers and novices to want to be part of the club and race 
    • Provide race direction and training on opening day of the season 
    • Ask experienced sailors to provide off water seminar before race days 
    • Give novices their own start time when numbers allow 
  • The use of foils in Bayside races 
    • Foils are covered under the Bayside insurance policy 
    • Foils to be used in winds of 12 knots and under 
    • Race directors to make the call the day before whether the races will be on foils or fins
    • Foils will not be on the same course as fins 
    • Different divisions to allow greater participation 
  • Sail numbers 
    • Sailors may race without sail numbers. However, to be included in race results a distinguishable sail number must be shown 
    • Information on where to acquire sail numbers is / will be up on the Bayside website 
  • GPS racing 
    • A GPS race director to be sought to organise GPS related competitions 
  • Media 
    • Emphasis to be put on race photos and videos to get footage out to local sailing community 
    • Ask sailors to provide GoPro footage from races etc. 

Close Meeting 19:07